"But you know: no day is the day, and no light is the light, as there is here no place and no time. Here you are in some nowhere in which you have been thrown into, without even knowing when and how. You donít walk in it, and you don't float in it, you are just in it".

This description in K.Zetnik's book The Condemned To Life, in which he describes his experiences in a concentration camp, stands in the background of the project as shown here.

This project is a study aimed to explore the possibilities of memory presentations of events in the past and in history.
I wish to explore new ways of history presentation, which will allow us to experience the past from new points of view and perspective. This case study project is presenting points of view of inmates' lives in a concentration camp, previously unrealized. I'm laboring to make visible the lost points of views, which were created in that reality, where place is no place and the time is no time.
A reality in which their voice was not heard and what was seen by their eyes is gone forever.

By the use of vintage and contemporary photos, and computer software,
I endeavor to create the visibility of the lost points of views.

With the full commitment for conserving their memory, I am working to create images that will create empathy, allowing us to share a moment with them in a contemporary and vivid way of remembering.

The work is in a on-going process, not completed and not closed.
As such, I would appreciate your comments
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Ariel Yanay-Shani